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Strategic Financial Planning Services

We assess your current financial state and develop a holistic, strategic financial plan by leveraging Geller Advisors’ comprehensive, multi-disciplinary platform and expertise to provide solutions to meet your short- and long-term financial objectives.

Services Offering

Financial Assessment
  • Assess your current financial status using sophisticated modeling tools
  • Analyze a wide-range of data points, including assets, liabilities, income and cash flow
  • Test assumptions and update wealth goals and objectives based on evolving family needs
Financial Strategy
  • Develop comprehensive wealth strategies that align with your investment, tax, philanthropic and wealth transfer goals
  • Create multi-generational wealth transfer plans that take into account continuity of lifestyle and wealth goals for heirs
  • Provide support in communicating your wealth strategy to family members and create a comprehensive narrative that can be clearly understood
Ongoing Execution
  • Execute financial plans based on agreed upon strategies, including creating customized structures for effective wealth transfer
  • Implement requisite governance frameworks
  • Monitor activities and liquidity levels to ensure proper compliance and the intent of wealth transfer strategies are achieved
  • Coordinate with other internal service teams in your best interest to ensure objectives are aligned and risks or dependencies are proactively identified

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