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Cyber Services

Our team of cyber professionals are proficient in understanding and solving for the unique challenges and risks faced by high-net-worth individuals and family offices. Supported by our enterprise-level information security platform, our professionals help to ensure your privacy, protect your sensitive data, reputation, and assets.  

Service Offerings

Assessment & Advisory Services:

Cyber Assessment
  • Review existing technology and controls across all of the dimensions of your life (from your personal footprint to your family office and businesses)
  • Identify priorities, data and technology risks, cybersecurity concerns, and regulatory and privacy requirements
  • Deliver a detailed roadmap for maturing your security posture, inclusive of the greatest areas of risk and opportunity
Third-Party Risk Management
  • Identify any data and technology risks, cybersecurity concerns, and regulatory and privacy requirements specific to third parties
Virtual CISO
  • Integrate a virtual Chief Information Security Officer and security team into your organizational decision-making to establish a culture of security and improved security posture

Technical Support & Solution Implementation:

Technology Design & Implementation
  • Design, configure, and implement a fit-for-purpose technology ecosystem and security stack to minimize exposure and adequately protect information
Security Awareness Training
  • Customize a security awareness program for your personal circle and staff, inclusive of regular training, phishing exercises, and awareness campaigns
Network Architecture & Security Controls Review & Design
  • Perform a security controls review of configurations and architecture diagrams across your enterprise and assess efficacy of controls in the environment (e.g., access rules, network segmentation/domain and VPN structure, and other network security best practices)
  • Provide recommended changes, including strategies to secure endpoints and networks, implement disaster recovery and backup systems and protocols, and help your enterprise comply with data security requirements
  • Review and harden G Suite or Microsoft environments leveraging available functionality and third party tools, where applicable, to ensure sensitive information is secure
Penetration Testing
  • Conduct web application testing and internal/external penetration testing of the technology ecosystem
  • Validate that appropriate controls are implemented to preserve the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of company and client information
  • Identify vulnerabilities through data gathering and controls testing, assessing based upon criticality and compensating controls
  • Advise on remediation plans to confirm fitting controls are implemented and appropriately prioritized
Logging & Monitoring
  • Implement auditing configurations for systems, web and application servers, file server, and network activity to monitor for suspicious behavior
  • Offer a full spectrum of threat remediation services, cyber threat incident investigations, malware analysis and reverse engineering, and incident management–constantly evolving related to threat landscape

To learn more contact :
Chief Information Security Officer, Head of Cyber Services