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May 31, 2017

Katherine Vaynshteyn

Katherine is an Accounting Director at Geller Advisors. With over 15 years of financial services experience, she helps clients manage the full range of their wealth matters.

Katherine devotes substantial time to understand the unique intricacies of client needs, allowing her to develop customized service plans that integrate all of their financial wealth goals. She is responsible for ensuring that day-to-day client needs are met, coordinating with all advisory teams to implement comprehensive financial solutions.

Katherine joined the firm in 2004 as a Junior Accountant and has consistently broadened her scope of services provided to high-net-worth clients. She is responsible for overseeing critical client financial data and managing the financial reporting process. Additionally, she coordinates the internal standardization of various policies, procedures, and reporting for all clients.

Prior to joining Geller Advisors, Katherine served as an Accountant at Ziment Group where she was responsible for administering cash management duties, including accounts payable, general journal transactions, cash account transactions, and financial reporting.
Katherine received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Pace University.

Contact Katherine at kvaynshteyn@gellerco.com