Adam Stern

Adam Stern serves as the West Coast Client Development Officer for Geller Advisors.  Adam opened Geller’s Los Angeles office, focusing on the development and implementation of new business opportunities for the firm on the West Coast.  With 26 years of financial services and business development experience, Adam also provides support to the relationship management team […]

Martin J. Geller, Founder and President

Martin is the Founder and President of Geller & Company. Since founding the firm in 1984, Martin leads the team that services large multi-national clients with a comprehensive range of financial services, including strategic CFO consulting, financial reporting and accounting, tax advisory, investment management, information technology and integrated wealth management. Martin is active in the […]

Mark B. Rubin

Mark serves as Head of Tax at Geller Advisors. Mark has over 30 years of experience advising family offices, family businesses and family foundations. Mark leads the firm’s Tax Department, specializing in multi-generational families and their holdings, growing and maintaining all aspects of a family’s wealth, including human, financial and spiritual capital. Prior to joining […]

Diane Gubelli

Diane is a Partner of Geller & Company and co-heads Geller Advisors. She is also primarily responsible for oversight of the largest client in that group which consists of multiple entities in the philanthropy and investment areas. Diane has over thirty years of experience working with the personal financial needs of high net worth individuals, […]

Steve Goldberg

Steve serves as Head of Tax Services at Geller & Company and Geller Advisors. He has over thirty years of experience in the tax services industry, focusing on advising public and privately held companies on an extensive range of global business issues. He has a deep understanding of the technical and complex tax implications of […]

Hayden Horowitz

Hayden is a Partner at Geller & Company, and serves as Chief Executive Officer for Geller Advisors, the firm’s Registered Investment Advisor and family office subsidiary.  In addition, he leads the firm’s Real Estate Solutions Group.  Hayden is a member of the firm’s Management and Operating Committees. Hayden assumed his leadership role for Geller Advisors […]

Edward Hornstein

Edward is the Chief Compliance Officer at Geller Advisors. Edward is responsible for overseeing compliance within the organization and ensuring compliance with laws, regulatory requirements, policies and procedures. Edward leverages his extensive industry knowledge and professional experience to maintain Geller Advisors’ commitment to a strong compliance framework by identifying and documenting regulatory risks and assisting […]

Robert D. Wedeking, CFA®

Rob serves as the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of Geller Advisors. As CIO, Rob chairs Geller’s Investment Committee and leads the firm’s investment team. He is responsible for all investment matters, including asset allocation, risk management, investment strategy, as well as the selection and monitoring of investment managers. Rob is focused on long-term investment approaches […]